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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Console 2 - Dingoo A320

Dingoo A-320
Well, here is a blog about a new device I got from my AMAZING girlfriend for Christmas this year (2011). The Dingoo A-320. What the hell is the Dingoo A-320 you ask? Well, simply put, it is a hand-held gaming device, that allows you to emulate NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, GBA, and original GameBoy, and GameBoy Color games.

This little device, made in China, already has the emulators loaded on to it, and has a full 4G of available space to store the various game roms on. So far it has met, and exceeded my expectations. It plays almost anything I have thrown at it thus far, with the exception of Mario Kart.

The SNES emulator is not always good with running sound, but the graphics seem to emulate well.

The GameBoy Advance emulation is by far the best on the entire system. I have re-lived the wonders of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrw, as well as Metroid Fusion. I am also experiencing Zelda: Minish Cap for the first time ever.

This little slice of heaven also runs all NES games....with the exception of RC Pro-AM (the cars are invisible).

Truely the best thing about this little handheld device, is that it not only plays classic games, but also allows you to play mp3 files, and movies.

This thing is truly amazing. It is considered open-source, and can be modified with an open-source version of Linux. I am sure most of the problems I have experienced thus far, although minor, can be solved through various downloadable items.

This device is available on both Amazon and Think Geek.

Highly recommended piece of hardware for those of us who love retro-gaming.