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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Modern Game: Flappy Bird - A Short Lived Hatred

By now everyone has probably played, or at least heard of the recent,and now defunct game Flappy Bird. I remember hearing about it on Super Bowl Sunday, exactly a week ago today. My girlfriend showed it to me, and I tried it a few times, and thought wow, this is frustrating as hell, I am smarter than this, why can I only get a high score of 3? I remember seeing refrences on Twitter during the Super Bowl that made jokes about scoring more points on Flappy Birds than the Denver Broncos had in the Super Bowl. Yes, Flappy Birds exploded online and worldwide very quickly. Most of the hype came in the form of people saying that this game was impossible, and there were stories about people killing eachother for getting higher scores. I know I saw at least one video on You Tube that shows a guy killig his phone with a hammer. In fact here it is for your viewing pleasure....

I finally downloaded the game from Google Play and spent a few aggravated minutes playing it before bed.

The game itself is really simple, you tap the screen to make the bird fly, each tap flaps the bird's wings, and you gain a little altitude. The objective is to navigate this bird through a series of pipes, trying not to hit anything at all. Sounds easy, but in reality if your bird even breathes on the pipe, you are dead. This game is difficult, but very addictive. You must keep going, trying to achieve that higher score...dreaming about what the end of the game may look like...wanting bragging rights over your friends and family. The reality is that none of that shit is ever going to happen though. This game will torment you. It will haunt your dreams, and make you feel like an idiot. Good luck.

As I mentioned earlier, Flappy Birds was an overnight sensation. One that was monstly born out of hatred. As a result, the creator decided in less than a week that this game was coming down. As of today (2/9/2014) the game can no longer be found online. For more information, please read the USA Today Article below:

Flappy Bird was in my life for a week. It frustrated the fuck out of me. I warned friends not to play it, yet continued to torture myself over and over again. My high score is currently at 12. Based on what I know, this is a decent score, but I have seen others that are still a lot higher than that....the quest continues.

Love it or hate it, Flappy Birds is going to go down in history for a number of reasons. People will always remember it for it's frustration level. Some are glad to see it go, while others will mourn it's loss. If you are one of the people who still have it installed on your phone, I would recommend never deleting it. It is now a piece of history.

R.I.P. Flappy Bird